This fifth Nurse Frosty book is an historical adventure. Nurse Frosty, Rodney, and the gang from the Four Paws Retirement Home take a trip back in time to a colonial era inn. Unfortunately, though the inn is lovely, things are not as they seem.

Perfect bound paperback with many new illustrations and some interesting new characters, plus two Memorial pages dedicated to the real Nurse Frosty (RB 3/8/12). A fun read for kids and grownups alike.  Recommended age 7 and up. Scroll down to buy individual books or the complete 5 volume set. All books come author signed and with a pre-printed label in the front for gift giving.

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Ordering below is for domestic USA customers. If you are an international customer,  please e-mail for shipping charges and we will send you a Paypal invoice.

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What Readers Are Saying About "Nurse Frosty Saves the Day"

Bravo girls!!! I can say that Finn and I love the books, and hope you get famous,you and the real Nurse Frosty deserve it:-)))  K. Mathiesen

It's Wonderful! Please put me down for 2 copies. A. Overton

Oh, this is great! Love our ladies on the last 2 pages! We need a copy plus a copy of the first one as ours went missing. Miss Jan, executive director of Sterling House, New Bern, NC.

I got the book today - sat at the Mexican place and laughed all through my nacho dinner. Love the story line and just had a fit of giggles at Rodney's ears sticking up over the bushes! As always the illustrations are fabulous, especially Nurse Frosty's little gardening boots. I really cracked up over the Just Right/Dam Right slogan. I probably can't go back to the Mexican place - they must think I spiked my Dr Pepper. Good job!        S. Murphy,    

I got the shirt Friday.  Love it, I really like that it is not bright orange, not sure what I would call that color but like it. Nurse Frosty patch is now hanging in my office, Thanks so much. N. Robinson